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   The sociology department was founded in 1996. Currently, thisdepartment has 10 full-time and part-time teachers , including one professor,one researcher,four associate professors and fourlecturers. All of them have PhD degrees, whose majorsare sociology, history, pedagogy and other subjects. Four people haveexperience of foreign exchange and learning. They form an excellent teachers’group with complete knowledge system and reasonable structure . Thisteam not only has an excellent teacher from Nanjing Agricultural University,but it also has many teachers who won teaching awards and recognition manytimes.

In the aspects of talent development, the department aims to developpratical and compound personnel with more systematic sociology theory andsocial survey skills. They can be engaged in social study and survey, policyresearch and evaluation, social planning and management and developmentresearch and forecast in education, scientific research institutions,government agencies, enterprises and institutions and social groups. Thedepartment offers 10 main courses that the students from sociology must study,and 4 excellent courses such as RuralSociology, Sociology of Development, Classical Sociological Theory, Methods forSocial Investigation. It emphasizes training and practice. It offers ruralsurvey, city survey, community work practice, teaching practice, social surveyskills training, application of SPSS software and other practical courses todevelop students' ability of investigation and research. On this foundation,magazines such as Rural Social SurveyAnthology and Social Observationhave been pulished.

In the aspects of discipline construction, the departmenthad the right to grant master's degree in sociology in 2003. In 2010, it hadthe right to grant master of professional degree in social work. In 2014, itobtained the right to grant master's degree in folklore. Moreover, in 2013,sociologyhad became one of the most important major to be constructed in NanjingAgricultural University in the 12th Five-Year Plan.

In the aspects of scientific research, according to thecharacteristics and advantages of university, it established four researchdirections, including rural sociology, society organization、socialpolicy and community research. And the sociology department pulished all kindsof works more than thirty, edited over ten textbooks, translated two books,undertook more than one hundred and twenty research projects and published morethan five hundreds technical papers, which have had an impact on academia.

In the aspects of socialservice, the sociology department set up rural socialresearch center, social survey research center, rural old-age security researchcenter and Nanjing public opinion research center Nanjing AgriculturalUniversity workstation. It also set up teaching practice base and observationstation in Jiangsu, Anhui and other provinces , which provide favorableconditions for students tostudy and research. Sociology students set up university communitycalled rural development research association, and organized practice ofsupporting agriculture and voluntary service activities. The community has beenawarded Nanjing Agricultural University “Excellent Student Community”and “The Top TenStudent Community ” many times. It won “Community of Ten Students in JiangsuProvince”,“National Excellent Student Community”,“54 Red Flag League Branchin Jiangsu Province”,“National 54 Red Flag League Branch”and other honorarytitles.